Trinity1-004.jpgCome Follow Me is a catechetical programme used for children aged 7 to 11 in parishes and school.

The sisters are involved in the translation and publication of this programme from French into English, in association with Maryvale Institute

The First Year (for 7 year olds) and Second Year (for 8 year olds) is available on the Come Follow Me website. You can purchase the each Year's Catechist's manual containing 35 sessions as an eBook to download.

Come Follow Me has been written and designed by members of the Notre Dame de Vie Institute, based in Venasque, France.

Below you can see a Come Follow Me session led by Anne Marie Le Bourhis, co-author of the programme, and below that another session from Year 2 in English presented by Sr. Hyacinthe.


Watch a session from Year 2: Remain in My Love


Come Follow Me Photos

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