The John Paul II Pilgrimage is a 50 miles walk from Bury St Edmunds to Walsingham happening every summer.

The pilgrimage has been running since 2006. 

The pilgrimage starts on Thursday afternoon in Bury St Edmunds in the afternoon with an opening Mass in the ruins of the Abbey grounds. Mass is celebrated on the ruins of the Abbey Altar, in the middle of a public park. Parishioners of Bury St Edmunds' RC parish join us for this unique occasion.

We spend the first evening and night in Bury St Edmunds on the floor of the parish hall, and the 2 following nights in Swaffham convent school, on the floor of the gym and hall. Sleeping bags and sleeping mats/airbeds are required. 

 For 3 days, we walk to Walsingham, 20 miles on Friday and Saturday and 10 miles on Sunday.

We walk from Brandon to Swaffham on the first day, from Swaffham to Helhoughton on the 2nd day and from Helhoughton to Walsingham on the 3rd day, using footpaths and small roads. 

 The luggages are transported for us and food is provided by Sr Julie: picnic lunches and hot meal in the evening. 

We arrive for the pilgrim Mass in Walsingham on Sunday and then picnic, walk the holy mile and finish with evening prayer and benediction in Walsingham parish church.
We have a group of pilgrims of various ages, including families. We have from 30 and 60 people joining us every year.

 Everyday there is Mass, morning prayer, evening prayer and compline, and benediction. During the walk we pray the rosary and we have talks.

The cost is £60 ahead - £45 ahead for families. It includes everything (food and lodging) from Bury St Edmunds to Walsingham.

Blessed John Paul II Pilgrimage 2012

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