We live together under one roof, pray together, eat at one table and share everything in common so that we have nothing that we can call 'our own'. The source of our communion is the Eucharist, celebrated daily. Charity is the purpose of our life as religious sisters. The love of God we have received is lived freely in the love we have for one another in community. 

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"Like the Church of the Apostles, our communion is founded, built up and made firm in the one Spirit. It is in the Spirit that we receive the Word from God the Father with one faith, contemplate Him with one heart, and praise Him with one voice. In Him we are made one body, share in the one bread, and finally hold all things in common." Constitutions of the Dominican Sisters of St Joseph, 3,I.

"In order that each community be a centre of ture communion, let all accept and cherish one another as members of the same body, differing in native qualities and functions, but equal in the common bond of charity and profession." Constitutions of the Dominican Sisters of St Joseph, 4,I.

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